-  The Hourly Rate for retention of both studio and labor is $75/hr.

-  A discounted Day Rate is available for $600/day.

-  A discounted Week Rate is available for $2,400/week.

-  The Labor Rate, for use with outside studio bookings, is $30/hr.

-  The Assistant Rate, when required for bookings, is $15/hr.


-  Contact the studio for information on the Flex-Bulk hours for the creative with multiple obligations & projects.

Terms & Policies

-  There is a minimum booking of four (4) hours.

-  A day is defined as a ten (10) hour period.

-  A week is defined as five (5) sequential day bookings.

-  Standard hours of operation are between 8am & 12am.  The period between 12am & 8am is defined as the overnight block of time and is reserved for use by approved freelance engineers.

-  Session start times cannot be booked prior to 9am.  Start times for day bookings cannot begin past 1pm, and start times for hourly bookings cannot begin past 5pm.

-  Regardless of bookings, session end times beyond 11pm are dependent upon the studio availability in regard to any overnight bookings.  In the event of such a booking, 11pm is a hard-stop for sessions booked during the standard hours of operation.

-  If an additional session time buffer is requested for the possibility of extension, then this buffer will be limited to a one (1) hour period of time.  A booking deposit will not be required for this possible time extension.

-  Session bookings require a 50% deposit payment prior to final schedule confirmation.

-  Session booking deposit is refundable with the following considerations:

1).  The deposit is FULLY REFUNDABLE if notice is given 72+ hours prior to the scheduled start time.

2).  Less than 72 hours, but more than 24 hours, notice prior to the scheduled start time will yield a 50% REFUND of the booking deposit.

3).  If the client fails to provide notice of session cancellation over 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time, then the booking deposit is FORFEITED to the studio.

In no way, shape, or form can exceptions be made regarding the booking deposit policy, as in order to accommodate your session booking the studio has invariably precluded other clientele from booking the same period of time.  Thank you for understanding this requirement.

-  Completion of payment operates on a NET30 schedule.

-  Data will not be released to the client until payment has been completed in full for the scheduled session.

-  Studio guarantees the safety and storage of the session data from the time of session end until the completion of payment, or until the client’s payment is past due; whichever occurs first.  Once the transfer of data has occurred between studio and client’s media storage, then the studio forfeits all responsibility for the data storage and security.  In practice, data is frequently kept well beyond the time period specified to ease continuation and revisions of projects, but that is a convenience that is offered to clientele on a friendly basis.  It is strongly recommended that clientele take extremely pro-active measures in securing their data.  Please inquire with the studio for advice in regard to data storage practices that ensure none of your valuable art is lost due to faulty media.

-  Studio accepts Venmo, Google Wallet, Cash, Credit/Debit Cards, & PayPal.  Any usage fees are added as cost(s) to the rental fee.

-  Checks can be accepted only for booking deposit payments.

-  Pending pre-approval, client will accept all charges for any outside services that the studio retains on their behalf; such as, but not limited to: food orders, equipment rentals, talent hiring, etc.  Without exception, expected tips (such as for food delivery), will be 20%; as is customary.

-  Studio can provide client with external media storage if so required.  This media is provided to the client at a markup of 20% over MSRP along with any required taxes and S&H.  Formatting and preparation of purchased media will be included in the un-billed time of the appropriate booking rates.

-  As a guest of Vitruvian Sound NYC, you are subject to the rules and regulations of the New York Studio Factory.  This includes, but is not limited to: The barring of illegal activity (use of illicit drugs or smoking indoors; harassment; threats and violence of any kind); respectful behavior towards the other members of the NYSF (including ensuring that noise complaints are addressed); events, parties, or large gatherings must be pre- approved by both the NYSF and Vitruvian Sound NYC; tidiness of the NYSF’s common social areas (I.e. Keep kitchen areas clean; ensure that bicycles, boxes, etc. are not an impediment to pedestrian traffic; respect the facility and studio at large in regards to not causing damage to either.  Violation of any of these rules, and other appropriately deemed disrespectful behavior will result in the barring of use of the studio and access to the NYSF.  Please contact the NYSF front office with any questions you may have in regard to its policies.

The studio is available for use by approved freelance engineers.  Approval is given at the sole discretion of the owner.  For more information on the rates, policies, and other considerations for freelance engineers seeking to rent Vitruvian Sound NYC, please contact the studio directly.