A diversity of experience as an engineer, studio manager, audio technology teacher, musician, and book-keeper has informed the design of the studio and the services it offers. With a focus on providing a unified and organized service experience for the client.

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Voiceover/ADR/Audiobook Recording & Editing - A pair of spacious isolation rooms, crystal clear signal chain, and vast experience, provides a comfortable environment for voice recording.  Beyond the traditional technical considerations, the studio embraces the cloud methodology of collaboration by forgoing the use of paper documentation in favor of tablets to allow for the presentation, annotation, and delivery of scripts, take-sheets, etc.  A CCTV and video distribution system facilitates ADR (Dialogue Replacement) sessions while additionally preventing the creation of a sense of claustrophobia.


Podcast Recording & Editing - The spacious isolation rooms and relaxed atmosphere best allows for the free-wheeling conversation that is the hallmark of an enjoyable podcast.  Comfortable seating helps to further ensure that the recording process feels as un-encumbered as possible.  In addition to the traditional multi-tracked stereo format, the studio’s hand-built binaural recording microphone can further provide the listener the sense of being intimately involved with the podcast.  Please see the Binaural page for more details on this highly specialized form of recording.


Music Recording - The studio’s owner, and network of freelance engineering friends, are all veterans of the city’s various big room recording studios.  As budgets have tightened, producers and artist have learned to lean upon their own network to trim their budgets in any way possible.  The ease of which a well-planned music project can be shifted from studio-to-studio to best take advantage of price-points and equipment makes the use of a single facility an anachronism of production.  Vitruvian Sound’s excellent selection of microphones allows for the overdubbing of acoustic instruments, vocals, electric instruments, etc. to maintain a high production quality.  In addition, the studio has maintained contacts with the various Manhattan & Brooklyn studios that can better facilitate the large room sound for certain stages of production; streamlining the production process by placing all the engineering tasks in the hand of a single person as to allow the artist/producer to focus on the more creative tasks at hand.


Re-Amp Recording - Re-Amplification is the process of re-recording material thru guitar & bass instrument amplifiers.  This streamlines the production process by allowing the artist to record and edit in a simplified method without compromising on the tonal qualities of the final product.  With a pair of recording rooms, extremely rich tones can be created in a time efficient manner by simultaneously recording separate amps in complete isolation.


Audio Editing, Repair, & Pitch Correction - ‘Editing is where the Art lies’.  With deep knowledge of advanced audio editing techniques, along with the requisite tools, client projects are able to benefit from having an adept hand apply the fine polishing and repair of the source material before moving onto the mixing stage; vital for a productive and creative mixing experience. 


Audio-Post Mixing, Sound-Design, & Foley - With in-depth knowledge of the workflow and delivery requirements that such productions have, Vitruvian Sound is able to offer its clientele stereo mix-downs for their films, commercials, music videos, etc.  Sound design and Foley sessions are additional services offered from the studio’s emphasis on creative use of materials and flexibility of workflow.  Please note, that at this time, the studio is only able to accommodate stereo mixing without additional arrangements being made.


Music Mixing - The acoustically treated control room, multiple monitoring options, collection of analog outboard equipment, and size-able collection of processing software, provides testament to the roots of the studio’s passion for the craft of creating records.  The emphasis on realizing the artist’s vision is based upon the belief that a ‘recording’ differs from a ‘record’; the latter being a unified expression of subject and method.  Vitruvian Sound’s focus in this regard is to create a piece of fine art, a sculpture formed of sound, from the artist’s musical vision.

Mobile Music Recording - When the studio and headphones aren’t the appropriate place to create your music, the studio’s answer is to hit the road. The studio has assembled a 12-track (expandable to 20-track) mobile recording rig that can easily fit within a larger road vehicle to take your music production out into the real world. Whether it’s a barn upstate; a subway platform; an abandoned factory; or simple in a park, the studio can provide a high quality service on the go.


Stereo/Stem Mastering - Mastering is the final stage of preparing your release for distribution to the outside world.  Thru the application of processing, crossfades, level adjustments, etc. the various inconsistencies that are created from one song’s mix to another are massaged so as to create a holistic listening experience for the listener.  Traditionally, mastering is applied to whole stereo mixes, but budget allowing, Stem Mastering allows the mastering engineer to be more discerning and judicious in how this final polish is applied to particular elements of the final mixes and project master.  Final delivery of various file types will ease the process of delivery to an aggregator service- where the particular destination media’s meta-data and commercial codes, for sale and sync licensing, will be added.