The Ass & His Purchaser - Aesop


A man who wanted to buy an Ass went to market, and, coming across a likely-looking beast, arranged with the owner that he should be allowed to take him home on trial to see what he was like. When he reached home, he put him into his stable along with the other asses. The newcomer took a look round, and immediately went and chose a place next to the laziest and greediest beast in the stable. When the master saw this he put a halter on him at once, and led him off and handed him over to his owner again. The latter was a good deal surprised to seem him back so soon, and said, "Why, do you mean to say you have tested him already?" "I don't want to put him through any more tests," replied the other. "I could see what sort of beast he is from the companion he chose for himself."

'A Man Is Known By The Company He Keeps'




Working with Stephen as our mixing engineer has proven to be the easiest part of the recording process. Incredibly capable and professional, you would be hard pressed to find a better partner in your production endeavors. He immediately understood our music stylistically, and delivered fantastic results from the initial mixes. If you are looking for an audio engineer, do yourself a favor and get in touch with him.

- Jason Laney - Producer, Keyboardist, & Vocalist, NYC




Whenever I have projects that matter to me, ones that require skill and taste, I think to hire Stephen Kurpis. I return to work with him because I know I can trust his work. Plus, he has the versatility to adapt to artists' different ways of working. I first worked with him when I was looking to have my second mixtape, 'Seeing Signs', mixed and mastered. I've watched him give his best and adapt to challenges with grace and intelligence. quality is ensured because he sets a high standard for himself.

Nuri Hazzard - Actor & Vocalist, NYC




I couldn't Possibly have been happier working with Stephen Kurpis on our album. It was my band's first full scale album and we staggered into the mixing process pretty blind. Stephen was incredibly attentive and professional, and went above & beyond in the project's completion. Being unfamiliar with the process and the language, I was worried I wasn't going to be able to convey specific thoughts and requests. Stephen was able to translate everything thrown at him and honed in on the sound we were looking for with the skill of an artist. He's truly a master and I give him my most heartfelt recommendation. You will not be disappointed.

Victor V. Gurbo - Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, & Luthier, NYC




I have worked with Stephen Kurpis both as an artist & as a producer. He is a fantastic tracking & mixing engineer, along with being one of the best audio editors I have worked with in my career as a violinist/producer in Los Angeles and New York. Any project with Stephen is sure to be meticulously well-planned and executed with equal attention paid to artistry and workflow. His attentiveness and amiability in both tracking & mixing sessions ensure a
comfortable environment for any artist and his or her team. Production sessions are enjoyable and run smoothly for the same reason. Stephen is a welcome addition to any project and I recommend him without reservation.

Israel Heller - Violinist & Producer, NYC/LA




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