Art is the lens in which humanity may examine its soul- the basis of all communication and the root of understanding.  Without art, only a vacuum can exist.


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Vitruvian Sound was built to provide a safe harbor for creatives of all stripes to work in a serious manner. This studio is a crossroads of technical resources and knowledge. It is a hub for artists to finalize their expressive output. It is a place where quality tools are not dismissed as unattainable luxuries, nor held in blind reverence, but simply viewed as a means to realize the passions of the creator. It is a convenient, comfortable, and flexible space in which creativity can grow. Here, creativity can measure itself and discover the proportions of order & chaos, misery & bliss, and all else yet known that will reveal the beauty of potential.

Stephen L. Kurpis - Founder & Owner, Vitruvian Sound NYC


About the owner

Owner Stephen Kurpis is a veteran of the Manhattan large facility recording scene who has recorded voiceover for Nickelodeon, audiobooks for Simon & Schuster, VR for The NY Times, and live streamed events for The Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs.  As an engineer, he's been a part of sessions for jazz, classical, hip-hop, folk, rock, and Broadway cast recordings; highlights being Philip Glass, Spin Media, and Audiomack.  He's spent time as an educator and studio manager while continuing to build his freelance base.  The studio has been designed to embrace the future of audio production in an increasingly fluid and dynamic creative environment without the sacrifice of quality.